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Aerobic Cross Training
Keeps Things Interesting

Do you sometimes get bored with your aerobic exercise? Do You sometimes feel like you're not getting the results you should from your aerobic exercise? If so, then aerobic cross-training is for you.

What’s the Real Scoop
on Weight Loss Pills?

Do you really want to lose weight and get rid of extra body fat forever? If so, which is the most convenient and effective method to achieve permanently weight loss? Do I hear you say by taking weight loss pills or diet pills? Uh oh... >> READ

Let's Expose Some Popular Diet Myths

Are those extra inches round your waist leaving you sleepless? Has your last diet plan failed to solve your eternal problem - excess weight? Maybe you are not doing it right or expect results too fast. Losing weight can be difficult at times because of misconceptions about food and how the metabolism really works. >> READ

What is the Zone Diet?

Dr. Barry Sears, a former researcher at MIT, originally developed the Zone Diet. The Zone Diet is based on maintaining insulin levels by striking a balance between carbohydrates and proteins at each meal.